Wuppertal souvenir stamp set


Discover the essence of Wuppertal with our iconic souvenir stamp set! Featuring the city’s renowned landmarks, including the Schwimmoper, Friedhofskirche, Elisen Tower, City Hall, Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, and the Kaiserwagen, our stamps capture the spirit and beauty of this remarkable city. With motifs like Tippen Tappen Tönnchen, Engelshaus, Handball, Musik, Music Dance Theatre, and the Wupper, our stamp set is a creative tribute to Wuppertal’s rich cultural heritage. Each stamp is carefully crafted and printed on eco-friendly materials, making it a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts. Embark on a journey of creativity and nostalgia with the Wuppertal souvenir stamp set and celebrate your love for this extraordinary city!


Discover the beauty of Wuppertal with our exquisite souvenir stamp set

Create lasting memories with our Wuppertal-themed stamp collection

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Wuppertal, a city known for its vibrant culture and stunning landmarks. Our Wuppertal souvenir stamp set features 5 meticulously designed beech stamps, each showcasing the iconic motifs of this remarkable city.

Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, these stamps capture the essence of Wuppertal, making them the perfect gift for tourists, residents, or even those longing for a taste of home.

Unleash your creativity and let these stamps transform your postcards, scrapbooks, and gifts into unique works of art. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a traveler commemorating a memorable trip, or a Wuppertal enthusiast showcasing your love for this extraordinary place, our stamp set is the perfect addition to your collection.

Experience the joy of giving a distinctive present that encapsulates the spirit of Wuppertal. Share the magic of this city with your loved ones as they receive a personalized greeting card or gift adorned with these beautiful stamps.

Designed to be cherished, our stamp set is the ideal keepsake for anyone longing for the sights and sounds of Wuppertal. Bring a piece of this captivating city into your world and indulge in the unlimited possibilities of creative expression.

Order your Wuppertal souvenir stamp set now and embark on a journey of creativity, nostalgia, and admiration for this remarkable city.

Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible Production

At 13gramm, we are committed to producing our Wuppertal stamp set in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. We prioritize the use of recycled materials and actively seek ways to minimize our carbon footprint. By partnering with social organizations like workshops for the disabled, we ensure that every step of our production process is conducted with the utmost care for nature and the well-being of others. So, when you buy and give away our stamp set, you can do so with a clear conscience, knowing that no harm has been caused to anyone or the environment during its creation.

Scope of delivery: stamp set consisting of 5 different stamps on the theme of Wuppertal. The stamps are made of high quality beech wood with a height of 36mm and a diameter of 15mm. The stamp rubber is mounted on a springy foam layer.

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