Stars candle attachment shadow play


Experience the enchantment of the stars with the Stars Shadow Play. This candle attachment projects mesmerizing starry silhouettes into any room, creating a magical shadow play. With its intricate patterns and sizes, it transforms your space into a whimsical and cozy atmosphere. Perfect for gifting, this unique accessory is made with recycled materials and supports social organizations, ensuring an eco-friendly and socially responsible production. Let the stars shine bright and create unforgettable moments with the Stars Shadow Play.


The Stars Shadow Play: Create a Magical Atmosphere with this Enchanting Gift

Experience the beauty of the stars with our Stars Shadow Play candle attachment. This unique accessory projects stunning starry silhouettes into any room, creating a mesmerizing shadow play that will transport you to a magical world. The flickering candlelight adds an extra touch of enchantment, making it perfect for special occasions or simply to create a cozy and whimsical atmosphere at home.

Transform Your Space with Sparkling Stars

Add a touch of wonder to your living space by using our Stars Shadow Play as a centerpiece on your dining table, mantel, or even as a night light in the bedroom. The intricate patterns and sizes of the stars will captivate anyone who sets their eyes on it, making it a conversation starter and a beautiful decorative piece.

This stunning candle attachment is not only a delightful gift for star enthusiasts, but also for anyone who appreciates the beauty of shadows and the cozy ambiance created by candles. It is suitable for all ages and occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to housewarmings and holidays.

Surprise a loved one with this unique gift and watch as their face lights up with joy. Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or even for yourself, our Stars Shadow Play will bring a touch of magic and serenity to any space. Create unforgettable moments and let the stars shine bright with this extraordinary gift.

Our Stars silhouette shows among others the following filigree and lovingly designed motifs: Stars in different patterns and sizes

Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible Production

Here at 13gramm, we value our planet and strive to make a positive impact through our production methods. We prioritize using recycled materials whenever possible, reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. Additionally, we are proud to cooperate with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, to ensure fair and ethical practices throughout our supply chain. By choosing our Stars Shadow Play as a gift, you can have peace of mind knowing that your purchase supports sustainable and socially responsible production, allowing you to spread joy while protecting nature and promoting a better future for all.

Scope of delivery: High-quality Stars stainless steel silhouette, supplied on carrier postcard in DIN long format (21x10cm). The silhouette fits all standard tea lights, is reusable indefinitely and compatible with all other 13gram silhouettes.

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