Newcastle souvenir stamp set


Capture the spirit of Newcastle with our exquisite souvenir stamp set! Exclusively crafted, these stunning stamps feature iconic landmarks such as the Castle Keep, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, and the Angel of the North. Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Newcastle with stamps depicting world-renowned artists like Sting and Mark Knopfler. From Tyne Bridge to St. James Park Stadium, each intricate design showcases the city’s beauty. Made with eco-friendly materials and supporting social organizations, our Newcastle stamp set is the perfect gift for enthusiasts and a beautiful symbol of your love for this incredible city.


Explore the beauty of Newcastle with our exquisite souvenir stamp set

Capture the essence of Newcastle with these stunning, finely crafted stamps

Introducing our Newcastle souvenir stamp set, a collection of 5 meticulously designed beech stamps featuring iconic motifs of this vibrant city. Whether you’re a visitor, tourist, ex-pat, or resident, our stamp set is the perfect memento to cherish or gift to commemorate your connection to Newcastle.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our stamps boast a 15 mm diameter and a 36 mm height, ensuring every impression is flawless. The stamps are delicately made from durable beech wood and mounted on a springy foam layer, allowing for long-lasting use.

With the Newcastle stamp set, inspiration knows no bounds! Let your creativity shine as you design personalized postcards, scrapbooks, and gifts that showcase the true essence of this fantastic city.

Bring a touch of Newcastle to your creations and add a unique flair to your correspondence. Surprise a loved one with a beautifully stamped Newcastle-inspired gift or express your own passion for this remarkable destination through custom-made decorations.

Whether you’re an avid traveler, a student exploring new horizons, or a local proud of your city, our Newcastle stamp set is a must-have accessory. It’s the perfect way to add that special touch of Newcastle to any project, leaving an indelible impression on the recipient.

Discover the magic of Newcastle and share it with the world. Order our Newcastle souvenir stamp set today and embark on a creative journey like no other.

Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible Production

At 13gramm, we prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by using recycled materials whenever possible and adopting eco-friendly production processes. Our partnership with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, enables us to contribute to a more inclusive society while protecting nature and the environment. With our Newcastle stamp set, you can confidently purchase and gift knowing that our products are created without harming anyone in the production process. Choose 13gramm for a gift that aligns with your values.

Scope of delivery: stamp set consisting of 5 different stamps on the theme of Newcastle. The stamps are made of high quality beech wood with a height of 36mm and a diameter of 15mm. The stamp rubber is mounted on a springy foam layer.

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