Moers souvenir stamp set


Discover the beauty of Moers with our souvenir stamp set! From the historic Old Town and majestic Moers Castle to the iconic King Frederick I statue and charming Peschkenhaus, these meticulously crafted stamps capture the essence of this enchanting city. Complete with landmarks like the St. Martinus Town Church, Grafschafter Museum, and industrial relics like Rheinpreußen Colliery and Slagheap, this set is a must-have for Moers enthusiasts. Get yours today and bring the charm of Moers to your crafts and gifts.

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Fine Moers souvenir stamp set with picturesque motifs of the charming city

Bring a piece of Moers into your life with the Moers souvenir stamp set! This delightful set includes five beautifully crafted beech wood stamps, each showcasing unique and detailed Moers motifs. Whether you’re a visitor, tourist, resident, or longing for the charm of this city, these stamps make the perfect gift or keepsake from your time in Moers.

Create personalized postcards and gifts with the enchanting Moers touch

Unleash your creativity with the Moers stamp set and add a special touch to your DIY projects. Design one-of-a-kind postcards, scrapbooks, and gifts that reflect the beauty and allure of this picturesque city. Perfect for Moers enthusiasts or those longing for a piece of this magical place, these stamps will add a touch of Moers to any project.

Escape into the charm of Moers with the Moers souvenir gift stamp set and let your imagination run wild. Order yours today and embark on a creative journey through the captivating streets and sights of Moers.

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible production for a guilt-free purchase

At 13gramm, we pride ourselves on our commitment to producing in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. Whenever possible, we utilize recycled materials, minimizing our carbon footprint and conserving precious resources. Additionally, we actively cooperate with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, to ensure that our production processes not only protect nature and the environment but also contribute to the well-being of individuals in need. With our Moers stamp set, you can buy and give away with a clear conscience, knowing that no one is harmed in the creation of these beautiful gifts.

Scope of delivery: stamp set consisting of 5 different stamps on the theme of Moers. The stamps are made of high quality beech wood with a height of 36mm and a diameter of 15mm. The stamp rubber is mounted on a springy foam layer.

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