Free Climbing tube gift motif candle


Ignite your passion for adventure with the Free Climbing motif candle. Witness the breathtaking beauty of Free Climbing, Rappel, Mountain Top, and more, as their silhouettes come to life, creating a mesmerizing shadow play in your space. Perfect as a unique and thoughtful gift, this candle encapsulates the thrill and serenity of the mountains. Let the flickering glow and captivating projections transport you to the world of extreme sports. Elevate your decor and inspire your next expedition with the Free Climbing motif candle.


The Free Climbing Shadow Play: Experience the thrill of the mountains

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure? Our Free Climbing tube gift shadow play brings the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains into your home. This enchanting motif candle is the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike. Watch as a high-quality stainless steel silhouette projects scenes of Free Climbing, Rappel, Mountain Top, and other heart-pounding moments onto your walls.

Showcasing the breathtaking world of Free Climbing

The provided projection screen beautifully captures the intricate details of each scene, immersing you in the world of extreme sports. Whether you’re an experienced climber or simply appreciate the beauty of the mountains, this shadow play will captivate your imagination. Display it proudly as a centerpiece during hiking club gatherings, or use it as a decorative piece in your living room to inspire your next adventure. The Free Climbing tube gift shadow play is a unique and thoughtful present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for a touch of the wild. Let the magic of Free Climbing ignite your spirit and inspire you to reach new heights!

Our Free Climbing silhouette shows among others the following filigree and lovingly designed motifs: Free Climbing, Rappel, Mountain Top, Overhang Climbing, Sport Climbing, Approach Hiking, Rocks and Ibexes, Descent, Alpine Landscape

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible production

At 13gramm, we hold a deep commitment to protecting the planet and fostering social well-being. We take pride in producing our Free Climbing Gift Tube Shadow Play in an environmentally conscious manner. Whenever possible, we make use of recycled materials, reducing our ecological footprint and promoting sustainability. Moreover, we actively collaborate with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, ensuring fair and inclusive production processes. With 13gramm, you can purchase and give away our products with a clear conscience, knowing that no harm is caused to nature or individuals along the way.

Dimensions: Size of the assembled motif candle: 6.5cm height and 4.5 cm diameter.

Scope of delivery:High quality Free Climbing stainless steel silhouette, together with a tea light and a projection screen. The silhouette is reusable indefinitely and compatible with all other 13gramm silhouette products.

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