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Introducing the architectural figure by 13gramm! Our meticulously crafted figures beautifully capture the essence of architectural marvels, while promoting ecological sustainability and social responsibility. Made from recycled materials, each figure represents our commitment to environmental conservation. But that’s not all – we also collaborate with social organizations to support both nature and humanity. Experience the perfect blend of art, sustainability, and social impact with our architectural figures. Join us in making a positive difference, one stunning piece at a time. Get inspired, shop now!

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Architectural figure N°51 1:500

The small and filigree architectural figures in N°51 1:500 scale are extremely faithful to detail and manufactured with great attention to detail. Produced from highly refined spring steel, they have a timeless but elegant design and are almost unlimited in durability. The figures are punched into a stainless steel frame and provided with a fine predetermined breaking point so that each figure can be removed individually.

The model offers a selection of different pedestrian models, children, pets, cyclists and cars and is therefore versatile and offers the optimal opportunity to complement your models with high-quality and appealing figures.

Design of the figures: Daniel Wollenschläger and the 13gramm team

Quick overview of the architectural figure:

  • Detailed models on a scale N°51 1:500
  • Simple and elegant design for your architectural model
  • Made of high quality stainless steel for unlimited durability
  • Manufactured 100% in the EU, under eco-social conditions: Wherever possible we cooperate with social institutions and used recycled material

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