Birthday candle attachment shadow play


Add an enchanting touch to any birthday celebration with the Birthday Shadow Play candle attachment. This mesmerizing accessory projects delightful motifs like gifts, birthday parties, and a live band into the room, creating a captivating shadow play. Let the ambiance come alive as you witness scenes of joy and excitement, from a snack bar to a hip hip hooray moment. With its magical display, the Birthday Shadow Play is the perfect gift to give away and create a truly unforgettable birthday experience.


The Birthday Shadow Play: A magical gift idea for birthdays

Create an enchanting birthday atmosphere with our Birthday lantern shadow play! This candle attachment projects a beautiful silhouette into the room, bringing the vibrant and joyful theme of birthdays to life. Whether it’s for a child or an adult, this magical shadow play will undoubtedly create a memorable experience and make any birthday celebration extra special.

Immerse yourself in a world of birthday joy

Use our Birthday shadow play as a centerpiece on the birthday cake table or as a unique decoration for the birthday party venue. The playful and festive motifs, including gifts, balloons, and party decorations, will instantly enhance the birthday atmosphere and bring a smile to everyone’s face. It’s also a wonderful gift idea for friends and family members who love birthdays and enjoy creating a joyful ambiance for their loved ones.
The Birthday shadow play is suitable for all ages and occasions, from children’s birthdays to milestone celebrations. It adds an element of surprise and wonder to any party and can be enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart. Don’t miss the opportunity to make birthdays truly magical with our Birthday lantern shadow play. Light up the room and let the celebration begin!

Our Birthday silhouette shows among others the following filigree and lovingly designed motifs: Gifts, Birthday Party, Hip Hip Hooray, Snack Bar, Garlands, Live Band, Party Atmosphere, Birthday Cake

Environmentally Conscious and Socially Responsible Production

At 13gramm, we are committed to producing our Birthday Shadow Play attachments in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. We prioritize sustainability by using recycled materials whenever possible, minimizing waste, and reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we proudly collaborate with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, to ensure that our production processes protect both nature and the well-being of individuals. When purchasing and gifting our Birthday Shadow Play, you can feel confident knowing that no harm has been caused, allowing you to celebrate with a clear conscience.

Scope of delivery: High-quality Birthday stainless steel silhouette, supplied on carrier postcard in DIN long format (21x10cm). The silhouette fits all standard tea lights, is reusable indefinitely and compatible with all other 13gram silhouettes.

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