Albuquerque souvenir tube gift motif candle


Bring the beauty of Albuquerque into your home with our souvenir tube gift motif candle. Immerse yourself in the charm of Pete V. Domenici Courthouse, Sandia Peak Tramway, Route 66, UNM Campus Observatory, Pyramid North, Unser Racing Museum, and more. Create a mesmerizing shadow play that transports you to iconic landmarks like the Balloon Fiesta Park and National Hispanic Cultural Center. With eco-friendly production and support for social organizations, this candle is a must-have for any Albuquerque enthusiast. Don’t miss out on this captivating souvenir. Illuminate your space with the spirit of Albuquerque today!


Enchant your Livingroom with the Albuquerque Souvenir Shadow Play Candle

Experience the Magic of Albuquerque in Candlelight

Bring the charm of Albuquerque into your home with the Albuquerque Souvenir Shadow Play Candle. This unique gift not only serves as a beautiful souvenir but also creates a captivating shadow play that will mesmerize everyone in the room.

Watch as the silhouette of Albuquerque comes to life, projecting its iconic landmarks and breathtaking scenery onto your walls. From the historic Old Town to the majestic Sandia Mountains, experience the beauty of Albuquerque in a whole new light.

With its meticulously crafted design and attention to detail, this candle is not just a decorative piece, but a work of art. The flickering candlelight adds a warm and inviting ambiance to any living space, making it the perfect addition to your home decor.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for an Albuquerque enthusiast or want to bring a piece of Albuquerque with you wherever you go, this souvenir shadow play candle is the ideal choice. It’s a creative gift idea for travelers, city lovers, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of Albuquerque.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this enchanting piece of Albuquerque. Let the Albuquerque Souvenir Shadow Play Candle illuminate your living space and transport you to the heart of this vibrant city. Get yours today and experience the magic for yourself!

Our Albuquerque silhouette shows among others the following filigree and lovingly designed motifs: Pete V. Demenci Courthouse, Sandia Peak Tramway, Route 66, UNM Campus Observatory, Pyramid North, Unser Racing Museum, Sunshine Building, Bernalilo County Courthouse, Church San Felipe de Nero, PNM Building, Balloon Fiesta Park, Hyatt Regency, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Sandia Casino & Resort, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, New Mexico Rail Runner

Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible Production

At 13gramm, we believe in a sustainable and responsible approach to production. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using recycled materials whenever possible. Furthermore, we proudly collaborate with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, ensuring that our production processes protect nature and promote social welfare. With our Albuquerque Souvenir Shadow Play Candle, you can confidently purchase and gift with a clear conscience, knowing that no harm was done to the environment or individuals during its creation.

Dimensions: Size of the assembled motif candle: 6.5cm height and 4.5 cm diameter.

Scope of delivery:High quality Albuquerque stainless steel silhouette, together with a tea light and a projection screen. The silhouette is reusable indefinitely and compatible with all other 13gramm Silhouette products.

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