Moose candle windmill


The Moose Gift Candle Carousel captivates the viewer. Lovingly designed motifs around Moose get going through the thermals of the tea light and create a special atmosphere! You can also expect high product quality and eco-social production. We take responsibility for people and nature.


Let yourself be enchanted by the Moose souvenir candle carousel

The tea light pyramid Moose transforms an ordinary tea light into a magical light spectacle. Due to the thermal effect of the tea light, the tea light pyramid Moose and the atmosphere in the room get going: Lovingly designed silhouettes cast their magical shadows in the room, and the flickering of the candle brings them to life. A very special atmosphere for little money: Give away this creative gift idea on the theme of Moose, or upgrade the atmosphere in your own home!

An individual and magical shadow play:

We have designed tea light pyramids for you with different themes, look for your favourite motif – or let us design your own tea light pyramid for you. Please Contact us!

Material: We deliver a tea light including gestures of the tea light pyramid as well as the Moose pendant for the pyramide. As material we use high quality stainless steel, so that the tea light pyramid can be reused indefinitely and gives long pleasure. We deliver the gift in a tube box, inexpensively and quickly.

13gramm manufactures itself and takes responsibility. We cooperate with sheltered workshops and social institutions. All 13gramm products are manufactured in an eco-social manner, i.e. sustainable production conditions for man and nature, whenever possible 13gramm uses recycled materials. Give with a clear conscience and the knowledge that no one will be harmed in the production process.

Safety note: Suitable for persons 14 years and older. Please also refer to the notes on the Moose-pyramide.


Quick overview of the Moose tea light pyramid:

  • A wonderful and enchanting Moose-Giveaway, not only for Christmas a very special gift
  • Material of the silhouette: highly refined spring steel for unlimiteddurability
  • Suitable for all commercially available tea lights and can be reused indefinitely
  • 100% manufactured in the EU
  • Sustainable and eco-social production, good for people and nature
  • Fast and cost-effective shipping in a tube gift box
  • Can be individualised: In addition to a wide range of different silhouettes, we are also happy to design the silhouette of your choice

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