Bregenz souvenir tube gift motif candle


Capture the essence of Bregenz with the stunning Bregenz souvenir tube gift motif candle. Featuring iconic motifs such as the Lake Stage, Pavilion, and Martinsturm, this candle brings the charm of Bregenz into your home. With its elegant silhouette projection, watch as the candlelight dances, casting a mesmerizing shadow play of the city’s landmarks. A must-have souvenir for any Bregenz fan, this candle is a beautiful memento that encapsulates the magic of this enchanting town. Transport yourself to the shores of Lake Constance and immerse yourself in the beauty of Bregenz with this captivating gift.


Bring Bregenz to life with our enchanting souvenir candle!

Add a touch of magic to any room with the Bregenz gift tube.

Experience the beauty of Bregenz in a whole new light with our stunning souvenir shadow play candle. Perfect for any Bregenz enthusiast, this candle projects the silhouette of this charming city into your living room, creating a mesmerizing shadow play that will enchant you and your guests.

Immerse yourself in the Bregenz skyline, with its iconic landmarks and breathtaking views, all beautifully displayed through the flickering candlelight. From the Bregenz Festival stage to the stunning Lake Constance, every detail has been meticulously crafted to transport you to this enchanting city.

The Bregenz souvenir shadow play candle is not only a unique and creative gift idea, but also a wonderful addition to your own living room. Its soothing glow and captivating shadow play will create a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day or entertaining guests.

Capture the magic of Bregenz with this beautiful candle, whether as a souvenir of your own trip or as a thoughtful gift for someone special. Let the silhouette of Bregenz dance across your walls and create a truly magical ambiance that will leave a lasting impression.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring a piece of Bregenz into your home. Order your Bregenz souvenir shadow play candle today and let the magic unfold before your eyes!

Our Bregenz silhouette shows among others the following filigree and lovingly designed motifs: Lake Stage, Pavilion, Lake Constance, Sailing, Art House, Zeppelin, Lake Chapel, Nepomuk Chapel, Pfänder Cable Car, Martinsturm

Environmentally-friendly and Socially-responsible Production by 13gramm

At 13gramm, we take pride in our commitment to sustainable and responsible production practices. Whenever possible, we utilize recycled materials, minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to the preservation of our planet. Additionally, we actively collaborate with social organizations, such as workshops for the disabled, ensuring that our production processes do not harm individuals and contribute positively to society. With 13gramm, you can confidently buy and gift our products, knowing that they are created in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Dimensions: Size of the assembled motif candle: 6.5cm height and 4.5 cm diameter.

Scope of delivery:High quality Bregenz stainless steel silhouette, together with a tea light and a projection screen. The silhouette is reusable indefinitely and compatible with all other 13gramm silhouette products.

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